What should I do if I encounter problems with my g.tec system and how to use the g.Diagnosis tool?

Please contact your local g.tec distributor or the g.tec support team using "" and ask for the "g.Diagnosis" tool.

When you encounter troubles during setup and usage of g.tec hardware and software g.Diagnosis can help you and us to troubleshoot those problems making support easier. Therefore g.Diagnosis compiles a set of information about your system’s current state to identify the cause that prevents your g.tec hardware/software from operating properly.

g.Diagnosis never sends any information about you or your system to anyone. g.Diagnosis just compiles information for you which you can view after it has completed. You can then decide what to do with that information. If you need further support you can contact us and we will ask you to send us the information compiled by g.Diagnosis by email. All of the information you give us is voluntary. We treat that information confidential and use it to troubleshoot the problems with our hardware/software only. We will never share this information with third parties.