RAPIDMAPS 2020 is a novel real-time system for more accurate, efficient and reliable cortical neurosurgical mapping.

About 400,000 patients undergo intraoperative neurosurgery each year worldwide. The necessary functional mapping procedures are quite long, often induce seizures, entail some risks of errors and require hours for the staff to develop brain maps. We want to develop and validate prototypes of the system (tentatively called Rapid-Maps 2020) to reduce these and other problems with functional brain mapping.

The project goal is to develop a prototype of Rapid-Maps 2020, which we will then position to become the dominant tool for functional brain mapping during neurosurgery during the 2020s. The main result of the project will be Rapid-Maps 2020, a prototype hardware and software system for neurologists and neurosurgeons.

The primary breakthrough of the system will be the real-time identification of brain regions via stimulation and recording through the same intracranial electrodes, including an interactive, closed-loop system in which doctors can request real-time brain maps based on specific tasks. Rapid-Maps 2020 will provide a suite of features, components and options that are at least comparable to any competing platform and include several breakthrough elements. The Rapid-Maps 2020 system will include real-time automated functional mapping software for mapping after-discharges, finding major landmarks (such as the central sulcus) and high gamma mapping. The electrode grids will include new keying systems to reduce preparation time and the risk of errors. We will provide novel opportunities to re-use electrode grids and cables. These improvements will enable doctors to direct functional mapping based on real-time maps and analyses, reduce the time for each functional mapping session, reduce the number of additional sessions, avoid some seizures induced through electrical cortical stimulation and unnecessary sessions, and gather more useful information.

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