HIGH-throughput production of functional 3D images of the brain

HIGH PROFILE aims to “establish an overall system approach for healthcare, based on an integrated system concept of seamless integration of interoperable components”. HIGH PROFILE addresses this explicitly in the field of Advanced Imaging Systems. The project will elevate the state-of-the-art by integrating imaging equipment for neurological diagnostics to support improved diagnosis.

HIGH PROFILE combines industrial and clinical driven R&D activities dealing with image diagnostic platforms for the central nervous system. The projects approach is to progress state-of-the-art by integrating imaging equipment for diagnostics, including algorithms, equipment and infrastructure for massive image processing and simulation to support combinations of images from different medical equipment modalities (MRI, MRS, fMRI, NIRS, EIT and EEG) and comparison/fusion of images with physiological models of central nervous systems. HIGH PROFILE aims to develop multi-scale, adaptive algorithms to merge information about the actual behaviour of the brain, originating from (f)MRI, MRS, NIRS, EIT and EEG.

g.tec is designing and developing a signal processing platform both in hardware as well as in software Furthermore g.tec will focus on the online aspect of data pre-processing and presentation. Providing a mapping system to identify specific changes of the signals in brain regions without electrical stimulation and use the extracted information also in a closed loop setup (Brain-Computer Interface).