ComaWare will create a paradigm shift in assessment and treatment of persons diagnosed with disorders of consciousness. ComaWare is supported by the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme of the European Union.

Imagine being able to hear, feel, and think – but not see or move. You cannot communicate in any way, but can hear doctors and family members saying that you are comatose and cannot understand or make decisions. Recent work has shown that this nightmarish situation is a reality for tens of thousands of people worldwide, who have been diagnosed as comatose but may in fact have some ability to understand. More recent work has shown that brain-computer interface (BCI) systems can help with re-assessment of these patients, and can even provide communication.

Feasibility Assessment in ComaWare Phase I, and other very recent developments, have strongly supported our plan to provide new technology to help these patients. In addition to providing assessment and communication, the mindBEAGLE prototype will also be able to provide prediction and rehabilitation.

The ComaWare project is an SME Phase II project. g.tec works with several hospitals and research centers around the world, including Harvard University (USA) and other partners in order to take mindBEAGLE to a new level.