g.tec is working together with many international partners to push the technology and to offer state-of-the-art equipment. Our research and development department is working and publishing with the following institutions. 

  • Mel Slater, University of Barcelona, Spain - pioneer in Virtual Reality system and combination with electro-physiology
  • Mavi Sanchez-Vives, IDIBAPS, Spain - specialist for spike recordings in rats and VR system with BCI technology
  • Gert Pfurtscheller, Christa Neuper, University of Technology Graz, Austria - one of the three pioneers in the BCI field and developer of the ERD/ERS methods
  • Gerwin Schalk, Wadsworth Center, Albany USA - BCI2000 platform and pioneer in ECoG recordings in humans
  • Kai J. Miller, University of Stanford, California, USA - pioneer in ECoG recordings in humans and high altitude medicine
  • Eric Sellers, East Tennessee University - partner for P300 BCI system and developer of the P300 speller
  • Dean Krusienski, Old Domino University - partner for BCI systems and developer of the P300 speller
  • Franco Tecchia, SSSUP, Pisa - developer of VR systems and extreme VR
  • MathWorks, Inc, Natick, MA, USA - Guger Technologies is official MATLAB partner
  • Austrian Research Centers, Graz, Austria - partner for ECG analysis
  • Wolfgang Domej, Arge Alpinmedizin - partner for high altitude medicine research
  • Matti Mintz, Tel Aviv University, Israel - partner for recording in the cerebellum
  • Steven Laureys, University Hospital of Liege, Belgium, partner for assessment of consciousness,
  • Anthony Ritaccio, Albany Medical College, partner for functional mapping