g.TRIGbox: Specs & Features

g.tec's multimodal trigger system. Use various trigger sources to detect and record events reliably.

g.TRIGbox - gtec's Multimodal Trigger Conditioner Box

The g.TRIGbox is a device to generate trigger pulses from various sensors or input signals. Input and output lines are isolated from each other. The trigger outputs can be connected to digital or analog inputs of a data acquisition system (such as g.USBamp, g.HIamp, g.Nautilus or g.MOBIlab+).

Thus, g.TRIGbox provides exact detection and recording of almost any type of stimulation in your experimental paradigms. Its wide range of possible input signals and sensors allows the use of various trigger sources such as sound card outputs, microphones, piezoelectric or inductive sensors, response buttons, various logic signals (TTL, C-MOS, ...) provided by external stimulators, visual markers from the computer monitor, LED indicators, flash lamps or slide projectors. The threshold levels are adjustable separately for each channel. 4 LEDs indicate the proper detection for each channel.

Product Highlights

  • Simply use PowerPoint for stimulus/paradigm setup and presentation
  • > 4 kV isolation between trigger inputs and outputs
  • Use various trigger sources from visual, auditory, electrical or tactile stimulators
  • Connect to a data acquisition system, g.MOBIlab+, g.HIamp, g.Nautilus or g.USBamp
  • Compatible with many other user-specific systems
  • Use one encoded trigger channel for up to 16 different experimental conditions

More Product Details


Trigger output voltage:   use either + 5 V and + 200 mV
Input voltage (low level):   +/- 0.5 mV to +/- 200 mV (4 inputs)
Input voltage (high level):   +/- 100 mV to +/- 5 V (4 inputs)
Trigger output duration:   min. 20 ms
Supply:   9 V battery or power supply
Current consumption:   ~ 40 mA
Low battery indicator:   ~ 7 V
Isolation voltage between inputs and outputs:   > 4 kV

The output signals of the g.TRIGbox are rectangular pulses with a minimum length of 20 ms assuring a reliable recording of all events even for low sampling frequencies. An additional analog encoded trigger output enables the recording of up to 16 different experimental conditions. In this case, the output signal displays 16 different output voltage levels to be decoded during data analysis (e.g. with g.BSanalyze).

The optical sensors which can be fixed at the computer screen easily allow the quick and comfortable generation of experimental paradigms and stimulation patterns for psychophysiological studies. No special stimulation software is needed anymore. A simple and easy way is provided via PowerPoint for stimulus presentation. 

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Hardware and Accessories

product no.: 0274ub read more g.TRIGbox for g.USBamp UB — g.TRIGbox for g.USBamp UB-xxxx.xx.xx; 4x TTL-outputs; output: 5V
product no.: 0274d read more g.TRIGbox for g.HIamp — 3 x 4 trigger inputs for analog, optical and digital trigger signals; adjustable thresholds; 1 x analog encoded output; cable for 3 x trigger output included
product no.: 0274b read more g.TRIGbox for g.MOBIlab+ — 4x TTL-outputs; output: 5V
product no.: 0274e read more g.TRIGbox for g.Nautilus — 4x TTL-outputs, output:5V
product no.: 0268a read more g.Power - for g.TRIGbox — medical mains power supply for g.TRIGbox; 110/230 V; 50/60 Hz power line; single 9 V supply
product no.: 0269 read more g.TRIGbox, push-button — bounce-free, to record subject responses, 1.8m cable
product no.: 0271 read more g.TRIGbox, microphone — to trigger on acoustic events, 1.8 m cable
product no.: 0270 read more g.TRIGbox, optical trigger sensor — for screen marker or strobe lamp detection, 1.8 m cable
product no.: 0277 read more Trigger cable for g.USBamp UB — DIO break-out of cable to DSUB15 female; can be used e.g. for 4 trigger channels, from g.TRIGbox (D-sub 15), lenght approx. 3m, for g.USBamp 3.0 (UB-xxx.xx.xx)
product no.: 0374B read more trigger cable for g.MOBIlab+ to g.TRIGbox — for 4 trigger channels, from g.TRIGbox (D-sub 15) to g.MOBIlab+ (MP-xxxx.xx.xx, DIG IN), 3m
product no.: 0374D read more trigger cable for g.HIamp to g.TRIGbox — for 4 trigger channels, from g.TRIGbox (D-sub 15) to g.HIamp (HA-xxxx.xx.xx, DIG IN 1), 3m
product no.: 5323 read more Trigger cable for g.Nautilus (g.TRIGbox) — Trigger cable to connect 4 trigger inputs of the g.Nautilus base station to the output connector of g.TRIGbox (15-pin, sub-D). Length: 3 m

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