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The revolutionary stroke therapy

recoveriX - Train the brain

In the last few years a totally novel and promising application for MI-based BCIs has gained great attention. Several recent articles have shown that MI-based BCIs can induce neural plasticity and thus serve as an important tool to enhance motor rehabilitation for stroke patients. In other words, the overall goal of the BCI system is not communication, but improved stroke recovery.

Furthermore, other work has shown that this rehabilitation can be even more effective when combined with immersive graphical environments that can help users interact effectively and naturally with the BCI system. Immersive BCI stroke rehabilitation is an ongoing research effort in numerous American and European research projects, many of which involve g.tec.

recoveriX® is a highly integrated ready-to-use system for use with patients in a daily rehabilitation setup scenario. It consists of a EEG system, a laptop computer with the recoveriX software, a patient monitor for instructions and 3D-feedback and an electrical muscle stimulator controlled via the recoveriX® software. All steps from data processing, signal analysis, classifier computation to neurofeedback generation and muscle stimulation are automated to allow for an easy operation of the system.

Find the new publication "Motor Imagery with Brain-Computer Interface Neurotechnology" here. This article presents key scientific experiments and applications, including some of the latest results.

See the official recoveriX website!

Product Highlights

  • BCI based stroke rehabilitation
  • Repeated neurofeedback training increases the plasticity of the brain and leads to a faster recovery after stroke-caused impairment
  • Easy to use
  • Complete solution comes with all required hardware and software components
  • Effective training via direct real-time feedback (visual, functional electrical stimulation)


"The BCI stroke rehabilitation allows us to treat even patients in a chronic state and to improve their motor functions. These conclusions are based on the experimental data resulted from testing the recoveriX system on chronic stroke patients at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Iasi, Romania."

     - Prof. Dinu Cristian Popescu, Prof. Marian Poboroniuc

"recoveriX couples cognitive processes with movements and this makes the rehabiliation so effective."

     - Dr. Christoph Guger