intendiX: Specs & Features

intendiX - World’s first Personal Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Speller

The first EEG based Brain-Computer Interface (BCI, P300) for patients' everyday use

intendiX - User-Ready Brain-Computer Interface Applications

intendiX is a novel, user-friendly software and hardware package providing an EEG-based Brain-Computer Interface system; it is a complete and compact BCI system for patients' everyday lives. intendiX lets users control different applications just by paying attention to the symbol they want to communicate.

g.tec provides intendiX  systems for rent to test the system at the patient’s site before deciding about a purchase.

Currently there are three different applications available:

  • SPELLER: Personal EEG-based spelling system
  • SOCI: Screen-Overlay Control Interface
  • PAINTING: Paint by Thoughts

See the official intendiX website!

Product Highlights

  • Complete solution comes with all required hardware and software components
  • Designed to be operated by caregivers or the patient's family at home
  • Based on the well known P300 component of visual evoked EEG potentials
  • Intelligently detects when users are idle
  • Runs with g.MOBIlab+ and/or g.USBamp technology
  • Highly customizable symbol collection and operation modes
  • Train and store classifiers for individuals within several minutes
  • Merge existing classifiers that were previously trained with several individuals to get a more general (universal) classifier
  • Reads brain-written text aloud via the Microsoft Windows operating system's built-in Text-To-Speech engine
  • Allows third-party applications to customize reactions to each symbol selection


Designed for...

intendiX is a BCI communication system designed for people who need it: the patients! It provides a new communication channel for patients suffering from limited communication abilities due to motor disabilities. The simple setup makes it easy for caregivers or family members to maintain the system.

Writing just by thoughts

intendiX presents a collection of symbols to the user arranged in a keyboard-like matrix on the screen. Once the electrode cap is mounted and a classifier has been trained, the user can select a particular symbol to perform a specific task by just paying attention to the desired symbol for several seconds. All symbols flash in a quick and random order. After the desired symbol has flashed several times, the computer is able to separate the desired symbol from all the others based on the EEG data recorded during flashing. intendiX then selects this symbol, writes it into a textbox on the screen and can execute linked actions, like ringing an alarm bell in case the user needs help, reading the written text aloud or performing a painting action.

The intelligent algorithm lets intendiX decide how many flashes are required before choosing the symbol that the user chose. Thus, intendiX can also detect whether the user is currently paying attention to any symbol on the screen, and mutes itself if the user is not paying attention.


After only 10 minutes of training, the majority of healthy users without any prior experience can select 5 to 10 symbols per minute.

Available configurations

Complete Solutions

product no.: 6040 read more intendiX g.MOBIlab+ EEG version, NB included — Patient-ready EEG-based spelling system bundle including g.MOBIlab+ (8-channel-EEG-version), active electrode system, consumables, notebook with ready-to-go installation
product no.: 6043 read more intendiX: Software only — Patient-ready EEG-based spelling system software only (single site license), for use with g.MOBIlab+ (EEG version) or g.USBamp

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Complete Solutions

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Product Manuals/Handbooks


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