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26.02.2016 Has Andy Weir written “The Martian” by thoughts?
Macht Schriftsteller von „Der Marsianer“ verrückte Gehirn-Experimente?
27.01.2016 Cybathlon 2016 by ETH Zürich - g.tec supports participating teams for the BCI Race Cybathlon 2016: BCI Race
21.12.2015 The submission for the BCI Award 2016 is open now!
Forschungswettbewerb aus Österreich für 2016 eröffnet!
02.11.2015 And the Brain-Computer Interface Research Award 2015 goes to...
21.07.2015 Improving Brain Surgeries for Parkinson's Disease Patients: Nuri Firat Ince and his team work
with neurosurgeon Ashwin Viswanathan on the improvement of PD treatment.
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21.06.2015 BackHome: This video shows people with disabilities and brain injuries who use the
BCI system for brain painting, for writing or for controlling home devices.
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15.03.2015 LIVElab McMaster - The concert series features six live performances, from
monitoring the heart rate or brain activity of the artists.
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20.03.2015 Podcast #60 – Attaining ‘Embodiment’ in Brain-Machine Interface Technologies
with g.tec Founder Dr. Christoph Guger
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18.11.2013 A preliminary webpage of the Cybathlon 2016 is now online
06.03.2013 Brain-Painting: g.tec präsentiert auf der CeBIT 2013 wie Bilder durch Brain-Computer Interface entstehen"
06.03.2013 Brain-Painting:  g.tec will show the world how to paint pictures just by thinking  at CeBIT 2013"
05.03.2012 intendiX-SOCI: g.tec introduces mind-controlled computer gaming at CeBIT 2012
05.03.2012 intendiX-SOCI: g.tec stellt auf der CeBIT 2012 gedankengesteuertes Computerspielen vor


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